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Manufactured in Concrete for Strength, Stability, Durability and Safety.

Marinetek India - Floating Docks, Jetties, Marinas and Pontoons Manufacturer in India

Floating Jetty Manufacturer in India - Marinetek India


Marinetek India is the leading manufacturer of floating concrete jetties, marinas and pontoons in India. Our floating jetties are built in concrete which make them strong, stable, durable and safe. They can be used in the seas, oceans, lakes and rivers with varying natural conditions like the tide, current, wind and waves. Every floating jetty installation is different and our years of experience and expertise allows us to design and build floating solutions that meet unique requirements.


Marinetek India has installed floating jetties at the Gateway of India in Mumbai, River Mandovi in Goa, Indian Navy base in Kochi, River Hooghly in Kolkata, Prakasam Barrage in Vijayawada, TS Rahaman in Raigad, River Sabarmati in Ahmedabad and other locations across India. We have served clients across industries like government bodies, defence, tourism boards, private sector companies, hospitality, real estate and individuals as well. Some of our notable clients include the Indian Navy, Kochi Metro Rail Limited, Airports Authority of India, Deltin Casinos, Inland Waterways Authority of India and the Mormugao Port.
Floating Jetty Builder in India, Marinetek India
Floating Docks Manufacturer in India - Marinetek India


We manufacture modular floating concrete platforms that have a wide range of applications like seaplane terminals, super yacht docks, fishing harbours, port authority jetties, naval berths, tourism and ferry jetties, leisure jetties, boat marinas, floating bridges, floating houses, floating resorts, luxury floating villas, fuelling piers, private jetties and ramps, swimming platforms, floating advertising platforms, commercial floating platforms and more.

India’s First Concrete Floating Jetty in Goa

Marinetek India designed and built India’s first concrete floating jetty on Mandovi river, Goa. It was inaugurated by Dr. Pramod Sawant, Chief Minister of Goa and Mansukh Lal Mandaviya, Union Minister of State for Shipping. It is India’s first government funded floating concrete jetty project, at the Captain of Port jetty, Panaji. Minister for AYUSH, Shripad Naik, Ports Minister Michael Lobo and MP Vinay Tendulkar were also present at the inauguration.

Concrete vs Metal / Plastic / FRP / HDPE

Floating docks are available in various materials like concrete, plastic, FRP, HDPE, aluminium, steel, iron, wood, polyethylene and more. Floating docks manufactured in concrete have several advantages over their counterparts.

Durability – Concrete floating marinas are built from a special type of concrete which make them more durable. They are able to withstand any wear and tear much better than the ones built in metal / plastic / FRP.

Stability and Safety – Concrete pontoons built by Marinetek India make use of the latest pontoon technology which make them the safest of all. They are very stable and safe (no falling hazard) because no matter the water level, the deck of the jetty remains a constant 0.5 metres above the water surface.

Life – Concrete floating docks have a 50 year design life. You will retire, but your concrete floating dock will continue to provide reliable service.

Maintenance – Concrete floating jetties offer incomparable durability with practically no need for maintenance.

ROI – Modular concrete floating pontoons provide the best ROI as they do not require frequent replacements and have very little maintenance cost compared to platforms built in metal / plastic / FRP.